Liste des jeux (161)

Nom Editeur/Dévelopeur Genres
DS Wagyan DS Namco Bandai/Namco Bandai Action
N64 Waialae Country Club Nintendo/T&E Soft Sport
DS Wall-E THQ/Heavy Iron Studios Action Aventure
Wii Wall-E THQ/Heavy Iron Studios Action Aventure
DS Wappy Dog Activision/ Simulation
N64 War Gods Midway Games/Eurocom Combat
SWITCH Wargroove /
DS Warhammer 40000 : Squad Command THQ/ Stratégie
DS Wario : Master Of Disguise Nintendo/Suzak Action
GB Wario Blast Nintendo/Hudson Soft Action
Wii Wario Land : The Shake Dimension Nintendo/Good Feel Plateforme
GB Wario Land 3 Nintendo/Nintendo Plateforme
GBA Wario Land 4 Nintendo/Nintendo Plateforme
GB Wario Land II Nintendo/Nintendo Plateforme
GB Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 Nintendo/Nintendo Plateforme
DS Wario Ware : Photograph (DSiWare) Nintendo/Nintendo Party Game
Wii Wario Ware : Smooth Moves Nintendo/Nintendo Réflexion
DS Wario Ware D.I.Y. Nintendo/Intelligent Systems Inclassable
3DS Wario Ware Gold Nintendo/ Party Game
DS Wario Ware Touched! Nintendo/Intelligent Systems Inclassable
GC Wario Ware Twisted ! Nintendo/Nintendo Inclassable
GBA Wario Ware, Inc Nintendo/Nintendo Party Game
GC Wario Ware, Inc. : Mega Party Game Nintendo/Nintendo Party Game
GC Wario World Nintendo/Treasure Plateforme
NES Wario's Woods Nintendo/Nintendo Puzzle
SNES Wario's Woods Nintendo/Nintendo Puzzle
3DS Warlock's Tower /
Wii U Warlocks One More Level /One More Level Action RPG
Wii U Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper Tecmo Koei/OMEGA Force Beat'em all
SWITCH Warriors Orochi 4 Koei Tecmo/
Wii U Watch Dogs Ubisoft/Ubisoft
Wii U Watch Dogs 2 Ubisoft/Ubisoft Action Aventure
GB Wave Race Nintendo/Nintendo Course
GC Wave Race : Blue Storm Nintendo/NST Course
N64 Wave Race 64 Nintendo/Nintendo Course
N64 Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey Midway Games/ Sport
N64 Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey '98 Midway Games/ Sport
N64 WCW Backstage Assault Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Sport
N64 WCW Mayhem EA Sports/Electronic Arts Sport
N64 WCW Nitro THQ/Inland Productions Sport
N64 WCW VS NWO : World Tour THQ/Asmik-Ace Sport
N64 WCW/NWO : Revenge THQ/Aki Corporation Sport
Wii We Cheer Namco Bandai/Namco Bandai Musique
Wii We Dance Nordic Games/
Wii We Love Golf! Capcom/Camelot Software Sport
Wii We Rock : Drum King 505 Games/ Musique
Wii We Sing UK Hits Nintendo/Nordic Games Rythme
Wii We Wish You a Merry Christmas Tradewest Games/Funbox Media Party Game
N64 Wetrix Ocean/Zed Two Puzzle
N64 Wheel of Fortune Take-Two Interactive/ Réflexion
SWITCH Wheels of Aurelia / Thriller narratif Visual novel
Wii Wheelspin Bethesda Softworks/Awesome Course
SWITCH Where are my friends ? /
GC Whirl Tour Crave Entertainment/Papaya Studio Sport
Wii U Whispering Willows Abstraction Games/Night Light Interactive Aventure Horror
DS White Comic Konami/Konami RPG
Wii U Wicked Monsters Blast! HD Plus /
Wii Wii Echecs Nintendo/Nintendo
Wii Wii Fit Nintendo/Nintendo Party Game
Wii U Wii Fit Club /
Wii Wii Fit Plus Nintendo/Nintendo
Wii U Wii Fit U Nintendo/Nintendo Sport
Wii U Wii Karaoke U Nintendo/ Musique
Wii Wii Music Nintendo/Nintendo Musique
Wii Wii Party Nintendo/Nintendo Party Game
Wii U Wii Party U Nintendo/ Party Game
Wii Wii Play Nintendo/Nintendo Party Game
Wii Wii Play : Motion Nintendo/Nintendo Party Game
Wii Wii Sports Nintendo/Nintendo Simulation Sport
Wii U Wii Sports Club Nintendo/Nintendo Sport
Wii U Wii Sports Club Golf Nintendo/Nintendo Sport
Wii Wii Sports Resort Nintendo/Nintendo Sport
Wii U Wii U Panorama View Nintendo/Nintendo
Wii Wii Yoga JoWooD Entertainment/Dreamcatcher Sport
Wii Wiiwaa /Zoink Games Plateforme
NES Wild Gunman Intelligent Systems/ Tir
Wii Wild West Guns (WiiWare) Gameloft/ Shooter
DS Will o' Wisp DS Idea Factory/ Inclassable
DS Wind of Nostalgia Tecmo/Matrix Software RPG
N3DS Wind-up Knight 2 Robot Knight/ Plateforme
Wii U Wind-up Knight 2 /Robot Knight Aventure
Wii U Windscape Magic Sandbox / Indies RPG
Wii Wing Island Hudson Soft/Hudson Soft Sport Simulation
N64 Winnie l'Ourson : La chasse au miel de Tigrou Disney/Doki Denki Studio Action Aventure
DS Winning Eleven : Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 Konami/Konami Sport
GC Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution Konami/KCET Sport
Wii Winning Post World Koei/
NES Winter Games Acclaim Entertainment/Pony Canyon Sport
3DS Winter Sports - Feel The Spirit TREVA Entertainment/Independent Arts Software
DS Winter Sports 2009 RTL Playtainment/ Sport
Wii Winter Sports 2009 Midway Games/RTL Games Sport
Wii Winter Sports 2012 : Feel the Spirit DTP Entertainment AG/ Sport
3DS Winter Sports 2012 : Feel the Spirit DTP Entertainment AG/ Sport
Wii Winter Sports: The Ultimate Challenge /
Wii Winter Stars Deep Silver/49Games Sport
DS WINX 2 : Quest for the Codex Konami/Konami Action Combat
DS Winx Club : Secret Diary 2009 Konami/ Action
N64 WipEout 64 Midway Games/Psygnosis Action Course
DS WireWay Konami/ Action Puzzle
3DS Witch & Hero Circle Entertainment/ Action RPG
Wii Witch & Hero II CIRCLE Ent./ Action RPG
3DS Wizdom /
3DS Woah Dave! MiniVisions/MiniVisions Plateforme
SWITCH Wolfenstein II : The New colossus Bethesda Softworks/
SWITCH Wonder Boy : the dragon's trap Lizardcube/DotEmu Plateforme
N64 Wonder Project J2 Enix/Enix RPG
Wii U WonderFlick Level-5/Level-5 RPG
Wii U Wooden Sen'Sey Upper Byte/Upper Byte Action Plateforme
SWITCH Woodle Tree Adventures DELUXE / Plateforme
GB Woody Woodpecker Racing Konami/Konami Course
Wii U Worcle Worlds /
Wii U Word Logic by POWGI /
Wii U Word Party Lightwood Games/ Party Game
3DS Word Puzzles by POWGI Lightwood Games/ Puzzle
3DS Word Search by POWGI Lightwood Games/POWGI
3DS Word Wizard 3D Tradewest Games/ Réflexion
3DS WordsUp! Academy /
Wii World Championship Off Road Racing Activision/Left Field Course
Wii World Championship Sports Activision/Koolhaus Games Sport
DS World Destruction Sega/ RPG
N64 World Driver Championship Midway Games/Boss Game Studios Course
SWITCH World of Goo /Tomorrow Corporation Puzzle Inclassable
Wii World of Goo (WiiWare) RTL Games/2D Boy Réflexion Puzzle
Wii World of Zoo THQ/Blue Tongue Entertainment Simulation
DS World of Zoo THQ/Blue Fang Games Simulation
3DS World Rally Championship Big Ben Interactive/Firebrand Course
Wii World Snooker Championship Real 08 Deep Silver/
Wii U World to the West Rain Games/ Aventure
SWITCH WorldNeverland : Elnea Kingdom /althi Simulation RPG
GB Worms Ocean/Team 17 Stratégie
SNES Worms Ocean/Team 17 Stratégie
Wii Worms : Battle Islands Team 17/Team 17
Wii Worms : L'Odyssée Spatiale THQ/Team 17 Stratégie
GC Worms 3D Sega/Team 17 Stratégie
N64 Worms Armageddon Atari/Atari Stratégie
GC Worms Blast Ubisoft/Team 17 Puzzle
GC Worms Blast Ubisoft/Team 17 Puzzle
DS Worms Open Warfare THQ/Gamesauce Stratégie
DS Worms Open Warfare 2 THQ/Team 17 Stratégie
SWITCH WORMS W.M.D Team 17/ Stratégie
GC Worms World Party Ubisoft/Team 17 Stratégie
NES Wrecking Crew Nintendo/Nintendo Course
GC Wreckless : Missions Yakuzas Activision/Activision Action Course
Wii WWE 12 THQ/Yuke's Media Creation Sport Combat
3DS WWE 12 THQ/ Sport Combat
SWITCH WWE 2K18 2K Sports/ Sport
3DS WWE All Stars THQ/THQ Sport Combat
Wii WWE All Stars THQ/THQ Sport Combat
GC WWE Day of Reckoning 2 THQ/ Sport
Wii wwe Smackdown vs Raw 2010 Yuke's/THQ Combat
DS wwe Smackdown vs Raw 2010 THQ/THQ Combat
Wii WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 09 THQ/THQ Combat
DS WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 09 THQ/ Sport
Wii WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw 2008 THQ/ Combat
DS WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw 2008 THQ/ Combat
N64 WWF Attitude Acclaim Entertainment/Acclaim Entertainment Sport
N64 WWF No Mercy THQ/Aki Corporation Sport
N64 WWF War Zone Acclaim Entertainment/Probe Software Sport
N64 WWF Wrestlemania 2000 THQ/Aki Corporation Sport