Liste des jeux (181)

Nom Editeur/Dévelopeur Genres
N64 G.A.S.P !! Fighter's NEXTream Konami/KCEO Combat
Wii G.I. JOE Electronic Arts/N/C Action
DS G.I. JOE Electronic Arts/N/C Action
3DS Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove 3D Natsume/Natsume Action
Wii U Gaiabreaker UEI/
3DS Gaist Crusher Capcom/
3DS Gaist Crusher God Capcom/Treasure Co. Ltd Action
SWITCH Gal Metal DMM Games/DMM Games Rythme
SWITCH Gal*Gun 2 PQube/Inti Creates Shooter
DS Galactik Football 505 Games/ Sport
NES Galaga : Demons of Death Bandai/Bandai Shoot'em up
Wii Gallop and Ride ! THQ/Radon Labs Sport
Wii U Game & Wario Nintendo/Intelligent Systems Party Game
DS Game & Watch Collection 2 Nintendo/Nintendo Compilation
Wii U Game & Watch Gallery 4 /
Wii Game Party Midway Games/ Party Game
Wii Game party 3 Warner Bros. Interactive/Warner Bros. Interactive Action
Wii U Game Party Champions Warner Bros./ Party Game
GB GameBoy Mini /
SWITCH GARAGE tinyBuild/Crystal Dynamics
DS Gardening Mama 505 Games/Office Create
3DS Gardening Mama 2 : Forest Friends 505 Games/Office Create
Autre Gardiens de la Triforce Scrap/
GC Garfield : The Search For Pookie KOCH Media France/ Action
DS Garfield 2 : A Tale of Two Kitties The Game Factory/Two Tribes Action
GC Garfield and His Nine Lives The Game Factory/Lucky Jump Games Plateforme
Wii Garfield Gets Real Destination Software Inc./Gravity Action
DS Garfield Gets Real Destination Software Inc./Gravity Action
3DS Garfield Kart Deep Silver/Anuman Interactive Course
GB Garfield Labyrinth Kemco/Kemco Action Plateforme
DS Garfield's Fun Fest Destination Software Inc./Black Lantern Studios Action
NES Gargoyle's Quest 2 : The Demon Darkness Capcom/Capcom Action Aventure
NES Gargoyle's Quest II Capcom/ Action
DS Gauntlet Eidos Interactive/Backbone Entertainment Action
N64 Gauntlet Legends Midway Games/Atari Action Aventure
Wii U Gear Gauntlet / Puzzle
SWITCH Gear.Club Unlimited /Microïds
GC Geist Nintendo/n-Space FPS
Wii U Gemology /BNC Design Studios Puzzle
DS Generator Rex : Agent of Providence Activision/ Action
3DS Generator Rex : Agent of Providence Activision/ Action
Wii Generator Rex : Agent of Providence Activision/ Action
Wii Geometry Wars : Galaxies Vivendi Games/Kuju Entertainment Shoot'em up
DS Geometry Wars Galaxies Sierra Entertainment/Kuju Entertainment Shooter
DS Geon Pinnacle Systems/Strawdog Studios Réflexion
Wii Geon Pinnacle Systems/Strawdog Studios Réflexion
DS George De La Jungle Crave Entertainment/ Action Plateforme
Wii George De La Jungle Crave Entertainment/ Action Plateforme
NES Germ Squashers /
Wii U GetClose /Wombat Source
N64 Gex 64 : Enter the Gecko Midway Games/Crystal Dynamics Plateforme
N64 Gex contre Dr. Rez Eidos Interactive/Crystal Dynamics Action Plateforme
Wii Ghost Recon : Future Soldier Ubisoft/Next Level Games Action Rail Shooter
Wii U Ghost Recon Online Ubisoft/Ubisoft FPS
Wii Ghost Slayer /Gevo Entertainment
Wii U Ghost Song /Old Moon Games Action
Wii Ghost Squad Sega/Sega Rail Shooter
DS Ghost Trick : Détective Fantôme Capcom/Capcom Aventure Réflexion
DS Ghostbusters : le jeu vidéo Atari/Zen Studios Action
Wii Ghostbusters : le jeu vidéo Atari/Red Fly Studios Action
NES Ghosts 'n Goblins Capcom/Capcom Action Plateforme
DS Ghostwire: Link to the Paranormal Majesco Entertainment/A Different Game Aventure
Wii U Giana Sisters : Twisted Dreams bitComposer Games/Black Forest Games Plateforme
Wii U Giana Sisters : Twisted Dreams Director's Cut /Black Forest Games
Wii U Gianna Sisters 2 /Black Forest Games
SWITCH Ginger: Beyond the Crystal /
Wii U Girls like Robots /PopCannibal
3DS Girls Mode 3 Nintendo/Syn Sophia
3DS Girls RPG : Cinderella Life Level-5/Level-5
Wii Glacier2 Team6/ Action Course
GC Gladius Activision/LucasArts Stratégie RPG
Wii Glee Karaoke Revolution : Volume 3 Konami/Konami Rythme
DS Glory Days 2 DS : Brotherhood Of Men Lexicon Entertainment/ODenis Studio Action Shoot'em up
3DS Glory of Generals Circle Entertainment/Circle Entertainment
3DS Glory of Generals : the Pacific Circle Entertainment/Circle Entertainment
DS Glory of Heracles Nintendo/PAON Corporation RPG
SWITCH Gloups / Action
N64 Glover Hasbro Interactive/Interactive Entertainment Action Plateforme
Wii U Gnomes Vs Fairies /Prismic Studios Action Aventure
DS Go ! Go ! Rescue Squad Connect2Media/ Action
Wii Go Diego ! Au Secours du Dinosaure 2K Play/High Voltage Action
Wii U Go Go Electric Samurai /
Wii Go Vacation Namco Bandai/Namco Bandai Party Game
3DS God of the City /
SWITCH God Wars : The Complete Legend NIS America/Kadokawa Games Tactique RPG
Wii Gods vs Humans Zallag/Artefacts Studio Stratégie
Wii Godzilla : Unleashed Atari/Pipeworks Software Action
DS Goemon DS Konami/Konami Action Aventure
Wii Golden Axe III Sega/Sega Beat'em all
DS Golden Nugget Casino DS Majesco Entertainment/Skyworks Technologies Réflexion
GBA Golden Sun Nintendo/Camelot Software RPG
GBA Golden Sun : L'Age perdu Nintendo/Camelot Software RPG
DS Golden Sun : Obscure Aurore Nintendo/Camelot Software RPG
GC GoldenEye : Au Service Du Mal Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts FPS
DS GoldenEye : Au Service Du Mal Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Action
Wii GoldenEye 007 Activision/Eurocom FPS
DS GoldenEye 007 Activision/n-Space
N64 GoldenEye 007 Nintendo/Rareware FPS
NES Golf Nintendo/Nintendo Sport
DS Golgo 13 Namco Bandai/ Aventure
NES Gomoku Narabe Renju Nintendo/Nintendo
3DS Gon Baku Baku Baku Baku Adventure Namco Bandai/Namco Bandai Aventure
DS GoPets : Vacation Island Konami/Konami
Wii Gormiti : The Lords of Nature ! Konami/Climax Entertainment Action
DS Gormiti : The Lords of Nature ! Konami/Climax Entertainment Action
GC Gotcha Force Electronic Arts/Capcom Action
3DS Gotcha Racing Natsume/Natsume Course
SWITCH Gotouchi Tetsudou Bandai Namco/
Wii U Gotouchi Tetsudou: Gotouchi Chara Nihon Zenkoku No Tabi Bandai Namco Games/Bandai Namco Games Party Game
3DS Gourmet Dream Circle Entertainment/
3DS Governor of Poker Teyon/Youdagames Cartes Aventure
SWITCH Graceful Explosion Machine /
SNES Gradius III Konami/Konami
Wii Gradius Rebirth (WiiWare) Konami/Konami Shooter
Wii Grand Chelem Tennis Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts Sport
DS Grand Theft Auto : Chinatown Wars Rockstar Games/Take-Two Interactive Action
3DS Grandpa Danger 3DS Namco Bandai/ShoPro
Wii U GraveBlocks+ /From Nothing Game Studios
Wii U Gravity Badgers Wales Interactive/Wales Interactive Puzzle
Wii Gravity+ /
Wii Grease 505 Games/Zoë Mode Musique
Wii U Great Race /
Wii U Greedy Guns /
DS Green Lantern : La Revolte des Manhunters Warner Bros. Interactive/Griptonite Games
Wii Green Lantern : La Revolte des Manhunters Warner Bros. Interactive/Griptonite Games
3DS Green Lantern : La Revolte des Manhunters Warner Bros. Interactive/Griptonite Games
NES Gremlins 2 : The New Batch Sunsoft/Sunsoft Action Plateforme
DS Grey's Anatomy Ubisoft/ Inclassable
3DS Grinsia /Nicalis RPG
3DS Groove Heaven Teyon/Fun Unit Musique
Wii Grotesque Tactics : Evil Heroes /Silent Dreams
N64 GT 64 : Championship Edition Ocean/Imagineer Course
Wii GT Pro Series Ubisoft/Ubisoft Course
Wii GTI Club Supermini Festa ! Konami/Konami Course
Wii U Guac'a Mole Madskull Creations/Madskull Creations
Wii U Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Nintendo/Drinkbox Action Plateforme
Wii U Guardians of the Forest /Ratalaika Games
DS Gugu Gugu Naget Digital Bros/Success Action
3DS Guide De Conversation Parlant : 7 langues Sanuk Games/Sanuk Games Educatif
3DS Guild 01 Level-5/Level-5 Compilation
3DS Guild 02 Level-5/Level-5 Compilation
DS Guilty Gear Dust Strikers Majesco Entertainment/ Action Combat
Wii Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Aksys Games/ Combat
Wii Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus PQube/ Combat
Wii Guilty Party Disney Interactive Studios/Wideload Aventure Réflexion
Wii Guitar Hero : Aerosmith Activision/Vicarious Visions Rythme
Wii Guitar Hero : Metallica Activision/Vicarious Visions Musique
DS Guitar Hero : On Tour Decades Activision/ Musique
Wii Guitar Hero : Van Halen Activision/Neversoft Musique Rythme
Wii Guitar Hero : Warriors of Rock Activision/Neversoft
Wii Guitar Hero : World Tour Activision/Vicarious Visions Musique
Wii Guitar Hero 5 Activision/Vicarious Visions Musique
Wii Guitar Hero Greatest Hits Activision/Neversoft Musique
Wii Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Activision/Neversoft Musique
Wii U Guitar Hero Live Activision/FreeStyleGames Musique
DS Guitar Hero Modern Hits Activision/ Musique
DS Guitar Hero: On Tour Activision/Vicarious Visions Musique
NES Gum Shoe Nintendo/Nintendo Shoot'em up
GC Gun Activision/Neversoft Action
NES Gun. Smoke Capcom/Capcom Shoot'em up
3DS Gundam : The 3D Battle Namco Bandai/Namco Bandai Action Combat
3DS Gundam : Try Age SP Bandai Namco/Bandai Namco
3DS Gunman Clive /Bertil Horberg Action Plateforme
3DS Gunman Clive 2 /Bertil Horberg Action Plateforme
Wii U Gunman Clive HD collection / Action Plateforme
Wii U Guns, Gore & Cannoli /Monkey Studios
Wii U Gunscape /Blowfish Studios Tir
3DS Gunslings 2 Engine Software/OrangePixel
3DS Gunslugs /
3DS Gunslugs 2 /
GC Gunstar Future Heroes THQ/Treasure Action
3DS Gurumin 3D : une aventure monstrueuse Mastiff/Falcom Action Aventure
3DS Guxt Nicalis/Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya Shoot'em up
DS Gyakuten Kenji Capcom/Capcom Aventure
DS Gyakuten Saiban 5 Capcom/Capcom
DS Gym des Yeux: Exercer et Relaxer vos Yeux Nintendo/Nintendo
NES Gyromite Nintendo/Nintendo Arcade
Wii Gyrostarr (WiiWare) High Voltage Software/High Voltage Shoot'em up
3DS Gyrozetter : Wings of the Albatross Square Enix/Level-5 Arcade