When we talking about ink cartridges, we all know it means the heart of inkjet printers. If lack of it, printer will can not work.

When we talking about ink cartridges, we all know it means the heart of inkjet printers. If lack of it, printer will can not work. Even cheap toner cartridges, it will damage the quality of printing.

Learn more about the heart of inkjet printers - ink cartridges We all know that inkjet printers is a very important part of the ink cartridges, it can be said that the ink cartridges are the heart of the printer. If a printer does not have a cartridge, it is useless to use a gun without a bullet. With the inkjet printer itself, the price is getting lower and lower, the status of ink cartridges has become increasingly prominent, especially in some low-end inkjet printer, a set of ink cartridges are often more expensive than a new machine. Here we give you a brief introduction to the type of ink cartridges, so that users can understand the main parts of the printer. The current ink cartridges in accordance with the design of the different ink nozzles, can be divided into split cartridges and integrated ink cartridges. And split-type ink cartridges can be divided into sub-color ink cartridges and non-color ink cartridges. First we look at what is an integrated cartridge.

We usually say that the one-piece ink cartridges, ink nozzles are integrated in the cartridge, the purchase of ink cartridges at the same time is equivalent to the purchase of a new nozzle. The price of such cartridges are generally high, due to the technical requirements of manufacturing nozzles is relatively high, the corresponding model of the common varieties of ink cartridges are relatively small. However, this type of ink cartridges because of the frequent replacement of the nozzle, it will not wear and tear due to the inkjet print quality degradation. At present, HP, Lexmark products using such cartridges, and recently a small amount of Canon's new models also use a one-piece ink cartridges. Here need to remind consumers that, because the integrated cartridge manufacturing costs are relatively high, many illegal js used to recycle empty cartridges, refill and then sell the means, which is the cartridge recycling market HP brand cartridges can sell higher prices the reason. Although the use of high-quality ink when filling, print quality can be guaranteed, but the print head is the existence of life, the general filling a few times after the print quality will decline.

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